DIGIPHOT e.K. is a medium sized company with offices in Germany and Luxembourg.

Our goal is to distribute innovative, high-quality products at fair prices with a main focus on optical products. Next to magnifiers for hobbies, daily or professional use we offer exceptional products for exceptional demands.

Our sport monoculars for example are a valuable asset for outdoor sports and nature lovers. Our pocket microscopes are popular with both private people and companies.  

With our digital magnifiers we offer an attractive range of high-quality articles from different price categories. That way digital magnifiers are available even for low-income households.

Our digital innovations in the 5000 series open new segments in the academic and educational sector. These products are an enhancement for lessons and lectures. They can also be used for research, speeches or professional training seminars.

Youth promotion is one of our most important social obligations and we support projects in schools and other institutions.

This philosophy becomes even more apparent in our close cooperation with the IHK Regensburg in fields like professional training and apprenticeship.

Thanks to our central position in Europe we can supply our products within 1 - 3 work days.


Preisübergabe MRG

On the 1st of July 2017 we donated a digital microscope DM-5000 to the Max-Reger-Gymnasium, Amberg.