With the digital eyepiece DIGIPHOT WS-5000 you can wirelessly transfer any image from an optical device (e.g. binoculars, telescopes, microscopes etc.) to your digital device. The integrated wifi transmitter transfers the signal to your PC, tablet, smartphone etc. in real time. The high 5MP resolution allows for a sharp image. The software (Win, Android, Apple) that is included with the eyepiece lets you zoom and modify the image. You can take photographs and record videos and send them by mail. Charging is handled by an integrated rechargeable battery and a USB cable. The runtime with one charge is 4-5 hours. Non-stop operation is possible with a USB cable.

Includes USB cable and adapters for all common diameters.

Technical data:

Sensor 5MP
Software language: German, English, French, Czech
Signal transfer: Wi-Fi and USB
Adjustment to all common oculars with changeable adapters
Focus: Autofocus, manual adjustment possible
Energy:  Lithium-Ion batteries, charging by USB cable, runtime 4-5 hours